Rob Konitzer's Lair

All About Rob

  • I am a Client Support Specialist for the Green Bay Packers! I previously worked for 12+ years as a Technology Specialist at Lawrence University.

  • In July of 2012 I married the love of my life, the beautiful and intelligent Jennifer Konitzer! We welcomed our daughter Harmony to the family in May of 2016.

  • In 2016 I was elected to the Menasha Joint School Board

  • Jen and I love America's Pub Quiz. I hosted almost 500 shows with them from '13-'18. Also, our team, The Dangling Participles, won the 2012 Season 1 state championship and the 2015 Season 3 league championship!

  • I love all kinds of music (except country) and theatre. I played baritone / trombone / tuba for the Little Chute Community Band. Also, I am often in local theatre productions - here are the shows that I've been in.

  • I'm on Facebook.


  • Jen and I love cats and have three of our own: Willow, Saffron, and Darla. I have a few great pictures of our old cat Angel as well (RIP, July 2012).

  • What would I do without my friends. Right now Jason is the only one with his own website.

  • I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Officially I obtained a History degree, but really I spent most of my time in the Wisconsin Marching Band.

  • Here's my CD collection and my movie collection, both WAY out of date..

    Brought to you by Rob Konitzer.